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Stepping Stones on Our Journey into God’s Kingdom

Most Christians would identify with Paul’s dilemma in Romans 7. He realised that there was the power of sin within him that prevented him from doing the good that he wanted to do. Even worse than that he found himself doing those things that he did not want to do.It is a sad conclusion that so many Christians accept this `no progress’ dilemma as a way of life even until the grave. Some even enjoy their sin and ask forgiveness each day and believe that this is their destiny until `Jesus returns’.


Paul very clearly teaches that we can reach our fulfilment right now in God’s plan and have total victory over sin, sickness and death.  Paul said, `Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus’. Our journey into God’s Kingdom means the absolute death of self.


Jesus has already forgiven all our sins, past, present and future. He uses sin to train His followers and bring them to perfection. He even uses sickness to draw us to surrender and the death bed to win souls at `knock off time’ (parable of the hired servant).


Jesus said `I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me’. Who the Son sets free is free indeed’. Jesus is the only way.Coming unto the Father means coming into an everlasting constant agape’ love relationship with Him. God’s Kingdom is all about that agape’ love relationship with Him which is total security in this life and life to come. If you want to get free indeed in this life just get more and more involved with Jesus every day. These are God’s stepping stones in our life. Each step requires a miracle by the grace of God. None of our striving can get us there.


The main problem with Christian churches, including Pentecostal, charismatic and evangelicals, is that very few have   experienced their `Pentecost’. The baptism of fire is missing and that includes total forsaking surrender which invites the full power of the Holy Spirit and agape’ love which casts out all fear. It is fear which holds people captive to sin and also blinds them to the fact that they are captive. Only agape’ love can cast down fear and a quick conversion follows.Today because of the lack of agape’ love we have long draggedout conversions and often accept sin as an ongoing daily battle.

The old hymn `Rock of Ages’ says `Nothing in my hands I bring’. Every soul who breaths on this earth will have to realise on their death beds that all the securities of this world mean nothing. Total surrender is easier on your death bed.I believe our Father God wins many souls that way and they all get the same pay. God’s perfect will is that we surrender now and enter His Kingdom now and be part of His glorious Bride which will make disciples of every nation.


The secret of surrender is to first meditate upon the cost. Charles Finney probably understood this secret best of anyone.  After the great revivals in the USA in the 1840’s ten years later 85% of converts were still full of the zeal of God. We use the old prophetic hymn (or chorus) to teach about surrender.

`Turn your eyes upon Jesus      Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of this world will grow strangely dim   In the light of His glory and grace’.


As we look into His face with eye to eye contact we become totally transparent. He sees right down into our heart. An impartation of agape’ love takes place. Fear is cast away and we can say to Him `Whatever the cost;whatever the persecution and suffering for Your sake; wherever you send me even if it costs me my life;  Lord I surrender all knowing that I will be stripped to nothing to enter Your Kingdom.

Meditate on this cost until you know that you have the revelation. Do not reason and consult your fleshly nature. Ask Jesus to help you overcome all fear. Don’t wait until your death bed. God needs workers now to gather in the harvest. He plans to use you to make disciples of every nation.


A great evangelist of the past, Lionel Fletcher, who preached to the troops as they left from England in World War 1, made this beautiful assurance:- `As you give your life to God, without reserve, He will pour out His Holy  Spirit through you, without reserve’.


Following your total surrender, if you have not already received the miracle of the transformation of Romans 12:2 you have a right to ask for that instant blessing. Wesley called it the holiness blessing. Finney called it `entering into the spirit of prayer’. It is an instantaneous blessing where by the grace of God, the bloodline of fallen Adam (the power of sin) is cut off once and for all and forever. It is when you complete your born again process. As God cuts off the power of sin He simultaneously connects you into His blood line and you bear His nature and character. Your mind is no longer a battlefield. The enemy and the flesh no longer have access. The spirit man is now totally in charge. It is the mind of Christ that Paul says is for all believers. It is for everyone who chooses to be a disciple of Jesus. Fear, doubts, unbelief, unreality worry etc. are shut out forever. It is God’s normal plan for all believers. It is the promise of God. It is all part of the full armour. An unshakable belief in the promises of God is the immediate response without the interference of doubts and unbelief.


Now that the spirit man (or woman) is in charge the next part of the journey is to clean up the residue of that old nature. The old hymn says `and the things of this world will go strangely dim’. When you pull out the plug on you lap top computer the power supply is cut off but you have a backup that lasts for a short time of some hours. There are other ways besides the conscious mind where the enemy will try to hold us captive.

1. Temptation through that which we see, hear, smell, feel and taste. These are overcome as promised in the Lord’s Prayer. One translation says `Shield me from temptation’.

2. Old fantasies and dreams and memories. 1 Cor. 10:5 says to cast down imaginations and every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

3. Hatred of sin.  Those who had a real battering from sin (e.g.crime) will naturally find it easier to hate their sin. Jesus said the sinners and prostitutes and tax collectors will enter the Kingdom first. Many sins such as pride and mammon worship that are accepted in our cultures can be difficult to hate. I heard of one pastor who said he had pastored a congregation for nine years. He operated in the gifts but claimed he wasnot yet born again. He and two others fasted and agonised before Godfor three days until He gave the blessing. We must hate our sin to enter God’s Kingdom.

All these three blessings are works of grace that we must ask God for. We may have to agonise and wrestle before God as Jacob did at Jabbok. There is no way of bypassing total forsaking surrender. There are no armchair rides or easy roads into God’s Kingdom. Paul warns in Galatians 5 that if we practice any of the sins of the flesh  that we will not inherit the Kingdom He says we must walk in the spirit at all times and pray without ceasing.


If Paul can reach that walk then so can we.  Hundreds of thousands of our forefathers reached that walk in the great revivals only 150- 200 years ago. We have their testimonies to encourage us. The church must return to our first love if we are to rescue our nations from the terrible darkness around.


Jesus has already conquered sin, sickness and death yet Christians can sit in the pews of the easy gospel  churches for a lifetime without realising that we are still captives to each of those bondages.


Peter was still captive to sin when the rooster crowed three times. The prison doors were opened when he repented.  Paul was still captive to sin as he described the `no win’ dilemma of Romans 7 (`the things that I want to do I do not do’ etc. He found the victory  in Galatians 2:20 when he said `It is no longer I who liveth but Christ who liveth in me! Ephesians 6 talks of total victory over the evil one.


I have heard some people say `I will be a miserable sinner until Jesus returns. We often accept captivity to sin without knowing it. 1 John 3:9 says that whoever is born of God does not sin and he cannot sin because His seed remaineth in Him. In the past revivals victory over sin was both taught and experienced.

If we accept sickness it certainly does not help in our recovery. Too often we accept a diagnosis from a doctor and are then captive to that sickness. We are captive to Babylon’s drug lords plus the chemical food chain.


We have proven time and again how the enemy tries to get us to accept old sickness symptoms of many years ago. We rebuke him in Jesus’ name. Eventually he stops trying his old tricks. God can also use sickness to draw us on our journey to His Kingdom. He definitely used 4 ½ years of dementia to win my sister’s soul. The healing can be delayed according to God’s timing. In themeantime His grace is sufficient.


Jesus came to bring life abundant. Satan brings death abundant. The degradation that our society is falling into speaks of a spirit of death gone rampant. Abortion is so easily arranged, which is murder in the womb. God speaks of severe judgement for child sacrifice in the Bible. Gay marriage cannot populate a nation – preventing life. Euthanasia takes life at the precious mature years. We are in the midst of an escalating attack of death on our nation.


Those in Christ or in the Kingdom pass from this body on earth into life eternal and have overcome death. They are just as alive as they were down here except without a body for a season. Jesus assured Peter, who had already forsaken all his worldly security; that he will be rewarded a hundred fold in this life and the life to come. The spirit man (or woman) does not cease in prayer and intercession when they have left their bodies.


We sing that Jesus is alive. He is our example in every aspect of His life. We should sing and rejoice that we have also overcome death and our spirit being is already eternally alive. Death has no dominion over us. God desires that we have a long life in the body. We should aim at 120 years if we ate, drank and exercised as did Shadrack, Meshack and Abednigo.


Jesus wants us to walk out of all those prison doors and into His Kingdom and on to His throne room. We are His kings and priests being changed into His exact likeness. May God open our eyes to His calling.


In the letter to the lukewarm church of Laodicea, Jesus makes it very clear how He hateslukewarmness. He would rather we be even cold than lukewarm. He has a special compassion for the deceived lukewarmers. He says, `To those I love I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent’.  One translation calls it  `the comfortable church’. I tend to call it `the easy gospel church’. It is not the gospel that Jesus taught.


Many Pentecostal-Charismatic churches have a very subtle deception to handle. They have not only forgotten about the old revival hymns which taught about the cost of surrender, but have put all their emphasis on the gifts and baptism of the Holy Spirit without the fire. The fire as experienced at Pentecost and in the great revivals included total forsaking surrender as Jesus required of His disciples. It was the secret behind the remarkable success of the Finney revivals in the USA. The devil will do anything possible to keep us away from true surrender. He will even allow the gifts to operate-even the dead raised. Jesus warned in Matthew 7 that they shall perform many mighty works in My Name but miss the Kingdom. Crowds will follow the spectacular as in Jesus’ day on earth but that does not make many disciples.


How many babes have been taught that they are saved and in the Kingdom upon a few syllables of tongues. That is sad as the fall away is frightening. Jesus is well aware of all these deceptions. He readily forgives even the pastor and does not condemn but has a great compassion to rescue the victims.Those in evangelical churches to are more likely  to surrender to Jesus for whom He is and not for what He does but they also can be deceived by an easy gospel.


God’s plan is to make disciples of every nation. The effective fervent prayers of the righteous from His bride without spot or blemish will bring about that plan. To exalt is to lift up to the highest place. It is like the word repent — `re’ means return and `pent’ means God’s top plan for your life.


Jesus said, `Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. This is our priority above anything else on our Christian journey. He would not say `seek’ if it were not possible to find His righteousness. It has nothing to do with our righteousness which is filthy rags in comparison. We must understand that we must first be entirely emptied of all our past worldly achievements and securities.` He that forsaketh not all that he has cannot be My disciples’ (Luke 14:33). We take on God’s righteousness only after death of self when we enter God’s Kingdom.

The effective fervent prayers of the righteous is the only power that can bring down the ancient principality powers that hold nations or cities captive. It only needs a remnant of righteous believers to establish an `open heaven’ over your locality. The uncontrollable fire of the Holy Spirit will then spread across your land and righteous conversions will take place like after Pentecost. They will be baptised with the Holy Spirit and with fire and thousands will be added to the kingdom of God daily.


Nehemiah was a righteous man of God – when he humbled himself and prayed. The ancient principalities and powers over the land were cast down. Nehemiah knew he had the victory and so the temple, walls and doorways were restored. Nehemiah asked forgiveness for the sins of his forefathers and wept for many days before God. It was the fulfilment of 2 Chronicles 7:14.


In the eras of the great revivals  (110-200 years ago) the nations of England and the USA had many thousands of righteous prayer warriors who cast down the ancient principality powers and brought some of the greatest revivals since Pentecost. The history of those nations was changed and God blessed them with wealth. They sought God’s Kingdom and H is righteousness. All their worldly needs were met . They gave abundantly –they lived on the tithe and gave 90%. British Commonwealth countries were blessed with that great heritage but the past one hundred years have seen us degenerate through mammon worship (money. When God through His love for the `easy gospel church’ takes away our money god there will be a great return to seek first the Kingdom


God’s plan for Babylon and the nations

I was amazed to hear a recent statement over the ABC (media) that ‘It is estimated that about 30 trillion dollars is invested in numerous investment havens around the world. The wealthy merchants were alarmed when a few billions were lost by the banks in Cyprus. They would be aware of the danger of a worldwide domino collapse of the banking system. They have enjoyed letting the nations such as Greece, Spain and Italy reach the brink of collapse and at the eleventh hour come forth with a bail out rescue. They desire to appear as the `good boys’ who are there to rescue nations before collapse. God has allowed their gradualism tactic for some years now. Read the full post

Deliver us from the evil one

Jesus’ prophetic words in the Lord’s Prayer are full of promises for each one of us. They were fulfilled

at the Cross and Resurrection for us all. Most would readily agree with the victory but live from day

today with a captivity mindset of sinning – forgiveness cycles. We accept a continuing battle between the flesh and the spirit until our last breath. To seek first God’s Kingdom and His

righteousness in all things and at all times seems an impossible goal.

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A Changed Mindset

When Peter heard Jesus tell the rich young ruler to go and sell all that he had and given it to the poor he reasoned in his mind when he said, `Who then Lord can be saved? To Peter it seemed impossible to believe that even a poor or middle class person would be able to give everything away. Jesus said, `With man it is impossible but with God all things are possible’.
Peter had experienced total forsaking surrender. He was Kingdom bound but had never known of a great revival when through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and with fire, God does the impossible. As Peter left his nets he was called by the draw of agape’ love from Jesus to surrender his life to Jesus. He became a disciple at that point and even though he still had to battle with a wicked self-nature which was to be through death at Pentecost. Read the full post

Simon Do You Love Me? (John 21:15-17)

Here was Peter who had forsaken the securities of the world to follow Jesus. He was honoured by God to be an apostle. He had been discipled by Jesus for 3½ years and yet as Jesus said, was cleansed by His word but not yet entirely clean. Filio love (friendship love) enabled Peter to say the words in Matthew 26:35 `Even if I have to die with You I will not deny you’. Then Peter denied Christ three times and the rooster crowed. He wept bitterly in tears of repentance. Peter would have known that he was forgiven and soon after experienced a greater love (agape’ love-God’s love).This love enabled him to obey Jesus’ commands as shown in the boldness of his sermon after Pentecost. Read the full post

The Wonderful Treasures of Psalm 91

In the creation story in Genesis, we read how God created Adam in His very own image. He was without spot or blemish. Adam was given complete dominion over all the earth. That included dominion over principalities, powers and demons provided that he did not yield to temptation and sin.

When Adam and Eve sinned and fell from grace all people born from his bloodline had to contend with the power of sin but had the choice to obey and worship their God Jehovah, or the god of this world. God was always sovereign despite Adam’s fall. Satan had to ask God’s permission to cause suffering upon Job. Read the full post


As we approach the great latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit we are seeing an escalation of false teachings. The lukewarm church of the western world is very vulnerable to these teachings. Jesus gave us a simple warning, ‘You will know them by their fruits’. The fruits are winning souls for His kingdom or making disciples. Jesus said, ‘A good tree cannot bear bad fruit’. Deceptions cannot come from a good tree. He said, ‘Even the elect if it were possible would be deceived’. The subtle deceptions are often a mixture with say 8o%truth. If we are mature enough `we can eat the meat and spit out the bones’. We must be careful not to pass on the deception to immature Christians. Operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit is not the fruit that Jesus referred to. He said ‘they will perform many mighty works in My name and yet miss the Kingdom (Matthew 7:22-23). lf someone were to raise the dead in your town he would soon draw a crowd most of whom would accept his teachings. Read the full post

You Must be Born Again (John 3:17)

Jesus was saying to Nicodemus, `You must be born of God’ That means we must be born just the same way that He was’.  He is our example for every step we take. Jesus was born of the Seed of the Father God. It was a miracle of God that some call the `immaculate conception’. That is the same miracle that we must desperately seek for in our lives. An important part of that miracle is the actual cutting off of our earthly bloodline coming down our fathers from fallen Adam. This is called the power of sin (Gen. 4:7) which must be cut off (unplugged) in the same miracle as being born of God (1 John 3:9).

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The Secret Place of the Most High

Some of the most incredible promises that God has given to His people are contained in Psalm 91. Entering the `secret place’ is one of many expressions in the scriptures about entering God’s Kingdom. It is a place hidden in Jesus that the world and much of the visible church cannot see. It is a place waiting for each one of us who choose the pathway of forsaking surrender to be a disciple of Jesus. It is a place where we are in a constant agape’ love relationship with God our Father through Jesus His Son. Read the full post

Go and Make Disciples of Every Nation

Nations are only a multiplicity of people. Just like different people have a different testimony of brokenness in coming under the   Lordship of Jesus Christ so it will be with our nations.

The global meltdown means brokenness for the developing and Western nations. The poor Third World hardly knew mammon security. They are like the poor Jews who were left in Jerusalem to work the vineyards. They did not need to be taken captive to Babylon. Read the full post